Positive Results with Diabetes
"I am 74 years old and have been a Type 1 diabetic for 47 years and have always been insulin dependent. I am classified as a "Brittle" diabetic which means my blood sugars are nearly impossible to control. Literally I've struggled my entire life to control my sugars with little success. In the past my blood sugar levels were between 200-300. However since I've been taking the Omega 3 Chia® seeds for 7 months now my blood sugar levels are between 90-150. And my sugars are much easier to control because of the Omega 3 Chia® seeds and this means I do not have to take as much insulin. The only conclusion I can draw is the Omega 3 Chia® seeds are helping my blood sugar levels. My diabetic doctor said, "I don't know what you're doing" and I answered, "I'm taking Chia seeds everyday" and he said "To continue what ever it is that is creating this positive change." Trudy

Softer Skin, Reduced Wrinkles and Great to Cook With
"Since Since my early 20's I had problems with my digestive tract.  I have difficulty digesting foods properly and problems with constipation and then using laxatives or cleanses caused diarrhea. I was exhausted most of the time and yet could not sleep at night.  My doctor said my adrenal gland had almost stopped working.
In June 2007 I started taking the Omega 3 Chia® seeds once in the morning and in the evening, in juice or water.  Literally within a week I noticed a huge difference in my stomach when I ate and a difference with my bowel movements and regularity with no gas or bloating.  In addition, I now have complete elimination every morning.  This is absolutely wonderful.  And I have so much energy and sleep soundly at night.  Additionally, without dieting or changing my exercise routine I've lost between 8-10 pounds. I know good natural elimination and controlling hunger is a problem with a lot of my friends and I’m spreading the word and I’m sure you will do the same. 
I've also noticed a difference in my skin.  My skin is softer, and the wrinkles are less noticeable.
I have read what the Omega 3’s are doing for my cardiovascular health, I know antioxidants are important and the natural digestive benefits of the fiber have eliminated several products I had to take to provide these benefits all in one natural God-made source.
The Omega 3 Chia® seeds have made a huge difference in my life that I will continue to take them for the rest of my life.
PS.  If you like to cook you will be amazed at the incredible applications and how the chia seeds make everything taste better.  Last fall I put a teaspoon of the Omega 3 Chia® seeds in guacamole I made which usually turns brown and oxidizes quickly.  I forgot about it in the refrigerator and two weeks later the guacamole was just as green as the day I made it. Laura

Increased Energy, Better Elimination
"Approximately 2 months ago, a friend of mine asked me if I was familiar with Omega 3 Chia®. I told him that what I knew about Chia was in regard to the chia pet that came about in the early 1980's. He then told me that Omega 3 Chia® has been found to add multiple health benefits when added as a dietary supplement. My friend has been using it for year's. Though skeptical, I decided to give it a try. I have been using Omega 3 Chia® for 2 month's now. I am pleased to say that I was and am totally sold on the benefits of this product. I choose to add it to my oatmeal or yogurt for breakfast, though I know that there are many option's to incorporate it. It seems to enhance the flavor of food too. I intend to make some delicious smoothies with it, and understand that it makes amazing muffins.
First off, I noticed that my digestive system works more efficiently. Excellent fiber content! Surprisingly, it also satisfies my appetite, therefore balancing my sugar levels. I am not as hungry during the day and find myself choosing smaller meal's, even having to remind myself that it's time to eat! I'd also like to mention that Chia in my diet has increased my energy level which previously was sluggish. As far as I am concerned, I recommend Chia to anyone interested in benefiting their health!"

"I play sports, operate a growing company and, most importantly, value quality time with my family and friends.  I take Chia every morning to maintain optimal health and energy. With my busy schedule I can not afford to be sick or lethargic.  I now eat less and stay full longer.  I have also saved money by eliminating protein powder and using Chia in my smoothies. Since Chia has no "taste", even my kids like it in their cereal and is their main source of antioxidants and omega 3. Sam, CEO

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